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Hotel in Las Lajas, Chiriqui, for sale

Hotel in Las Lajas, Chiriqui, for sale
ID: PROP-11 9,706 m2


Size of the Lot:
9,706 m2
Size of Construction:
1,280 m2
Year of Construction:

Excellent investment opportunity in a

prospering business under the tropical sun!





The site is located in Las Lajas, Chiriqui, between the Panamerican Highway and the Beach of Las Lajas. (Las Lajas is located between Santiago and David).

It is 5 minutes away from the Interamericana and 10 minutes away from the beach, which can be reached easiliy by the new road.



  • 22 rooms / cabins for 2-8 persons (space for 80 persons), all of them with TV, aircondition and hot water

  • A restaurant with cocktail bar and space for 50 persons

  • A swimming pool of 18 x 7 m / 150,000 liters of water

  • Another new pool of 30 x 9 m

  • New cocktail bar along the pool with space for 100 persons which is also used for meetings

  • A two-story house with a big workshop / garage. (Can also be used for the new owner/manager for living)

  • An additional house besides the restaurant that contains the restrooms for the restaurant, the laundry and a deposit.

  • High Speed Internet, WLAN, SAT-TV

  • Back-up well for the water supply

The owner started building the hotel in 2010 and expanded it permanentely since that time. Apart from tourists from all over the world, the hotel also accommodates Panamanian guests, national and international companies and government groups that hold their meetings there.

The application for the 16-year tax exoneration is in progress!

Exposition with pictures and plans on request. An independent appraisal for the property is available. More pictures can be found here.

The asking price is negotiable. Partial financing by the owner is possible!


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