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Caribbean Beach & Eco Resort in Tropical Paradise

Caribbean Beach & Eco Resort in Tropical Paradise
ID: PROP-7 1,000,000 m2


Size of the Lot:
1,000,000 m2

Location and Size

The property is located on the Caribbean side of Panama, just West of the Rio Coclé in the province of Colon. The project has a size of 100 hectares of both mountain and beach terrain. Out of this area 26 hectares are already titled and the project has right of possession on 74 hectares that includes the two kilometers of beach front. In case of buying these 74 hectares will be titled as well. The owners also have a claim on additional 900 hectares of virgin forest which are not included in the sales price but can be purchased too. Maps can be found here.



The project has been licensed as an Eco-Resort by all pertinent government agencies. Included in the license are permits to construct a Hotel, Cabañas, an Air strip and a Port. All licenses are renewed and there is no actual expiration date.

The beginnings of a resort are yet in place with a main building, four guest cottages, basic infrastructure, septic tanks, few nature trails, fruit trees and plants. Building plans for a hotel are available.

The creek San Rosquito runs through the property, and there are also a number of mountain springs which provide drinking water to the project. All existing structures have been connected to the fresh clean drinking water supply by an approximately 3km long duct. Water flows by gravity. Electricity is not available but there are various ways of generating electricity through water, wind, solar or earth heat.

Behind the beach area, the land rises into virgin forest with a wide variety of plants and wil life. The ambiance lends itself to completely disconnect from financial and temporal necessities of everyday life through its primeval, savage and enigmatic aspect by submerging the clients in surroundings that require all their attention.

It is open to the sea all year round with two natural locations for a harbor. It is in the proximity of a large river, but far enough away from that river so that the muddy waters in rainy season would not reach the area. There is virgin jungle with intact wild life and necessary fresh water supply. The size of the large river estuary will make it more economical to build the bridge and the coastal road further up the river assuring the continued privacy of the project.



Currently no roads lead to the property. The access is by boat (river or sea) or helicopter. A coastal road from Colon ending in the village of Coclé del Norte (4 km West from the project) will open up this area and substantially increase the value of the property. A road connecting to the East coming from Bocas del Toro is in the planning stage. This road would pass the south end of the property. When the road is built prices for real estate in this area will climb rapidly!


Use options

Once finished the project can be used for CEO retreats, Hollywood parties, exclusive get-a-ways, wildlife and eco-tourism programs, personnel development seminars focused on leadership and productivity, spirituality courses and seminars etc.

The project directors are willing to stay with it in consulting capacity for as long as needed.


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