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Our recipes are based on the traditional German, French and Italian breads. For our sourdough breads we only use natural sourdough of whole grain rye and wheat flour. The long fermentation of the dough (at least 15 hours) guarantees a better digestibility and longer freshness of our breads. We only use the best ingredients available in Panama and of course we don't use any artificial or chemical additives. Be aware that most of our bread can be easily deep frozen.

We normally bake every two weeks on Saturday, at the moment also on other days with different offers. The next baking day is announced below.
For ordering please use the "order" buttons at each article or call us at 6592 8544 or send us an email.

Charly, Jakob and Maren

We also make bread, cakes, tarts, pastry and buffets for personal events or parties. Talk to us!

Next baking day: Saturday, September 24
Pick up time:
Saturday, between 9:00 and 12:00 am
Deadline for ordering: Wednesday, September 21, 5:00 pm
Pretzels Pretzels  

each $1.50

Pretzel Bars

Pretzel Bars
Same dough as pretzels but another shape (like small baguettes).

each $1.35
Oat Bread

Oat Bread
A hearty sourdough and yeast bread that contains beneath wheat flour whole grain wheat and whole grain oat.

ca. 800 g | $7.00

Turkish Flat Bread Turkish Flat Bread
Traditional Turkish bread with a topping of sesame. Can be filled with meat, cheese or vegetables and is also a great companian for salads, hummus and dips.
ca. 580 g | $4.00

Malt Beer Bread
Instead of water we use malt beer for this bread which gives it a hearty flavor. Apart from that it contains whole grain wheat sourdough and ground flax seed.

ca. 1000 g | $8.50

Baguette Baguette

ca. 350 g | $2.75
Four Pounder Countrybread
Our biggest. A rustic wheat sourdough bread (30% whole grain flour) with a great crust, juicy crumb and a hearty flavor.

Whole loaf | $12.00
Half loaf | $6.00

Qarter loaf| $3.00

Potato Rolls Potato Rolls
Juicy yeast rolls made of potatoes, whole grain and wheat flour.
each $1.15
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If you enter El Valle you pass the Centro Comercial (first supermarket on the right), keep straight and cross the bridge. After the bridge turn right (direction to the Restaurant Don Quijote / Hotel Campestre), keep going straight and at the second gravel road on the left you turn left (before Materiales Bartolito) and follow this road until the end. Our house is the last one on the left.

El Valle Bread Club | Cel: 6592 8544 | breadclub@el-valle-panama.com