Great investment opportunity:

Your own organically managed farmland in Panama!

Low-risk asset with high return

Private investors normally find it difficult to acquire smaller farmland as a capital investment; typically, agricultural investments are in the seven-digit $-range. Our investment model therefore offers you the opportunity to buy agricultural land as a capital investment for less than US $50,000 per hectare.
As an investor, you acquire first-class agricultural farmland in Panama, which the local operating company organically manages for you and markets its crop worldwide. (At the moment mango and lime plantations are sold.)
The forecasted IRR (Internal Rate of Return) over a period of 30 years is 17-18% (conservatively calculated).
However, you do not only profit from the crop revenues, but also from the long-term increase in value of your land – in Panama currently 10% p.a.

The Benefits

  • Your own, organically managed farmland – a turnkey, generation-spanning investment to expand your portfolio and/or as a (supplementary) annuity
  • 35% higher crop yields through organic farming and therefore a higher return
  • 70% of the net profit from the harvest remain with the investor
  • Annual payment of the income after the first harvest (after 4 years) over the entire lifetime of the plantation – at least for 60 – 80 years
  • ROI of invested capital after 8 years
  • Possibility to sell or inherit the land at any time
  • Tax advantages: no land purchase and sales tax on agricultural land and no inheritance tax in Panama. The tax on capital income only applies to profits of $350,000 p.a. or more
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